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Despite all the technological advancement the 21st century has experienced, success somehow remains an elusive concept. Most individuals continue to grapple with the essence of success and what it means to be successful. Brian Bonar, the author of “United States of Success,” has some advice for those who always find themselves contemplating all their life choices even after a minor inconvenience shakes them to the core.

Don’t Let Your Fear Dictate You

Let’s imagine a scenario. You’ve been working with utmost dedication at your new job for six months and believe it’s time for a raise. You decide to schedule a meeting with your manager and negotiate an appraisal. After finishing your work for the day, you begin to leave for home. But as you’re leaving, your boss calls you to their office. They seem to be in a bad mood and say that you might need to stay back to do extra work for a particularly demanding client. That client is yours, and you feel somehow responsible for upsetting your boss. After burning the

midnight oil, you leave the office, feeling dejected. There’s no way you’ll be having that meeting tomorrow.

So, what stopped you from asking for a raise after this brief episode? Brian Bonar would say it’s fear of the unknown. As humans, we’re naturally wired to feel fear so we can turn on our survival instincts in case of danger. But misconstrued fear can also restrict you from achieving your dreams and aspirations.

Where Does This Fear Come From?

Fear seems to seep into each corner of our lives, limiting our experiences, dimming our fantasies, and putting up barriers between ourselves and potential avenues of success. If you dig a little deep, you can trace back the core of this fear to a fundamental lacking of self-belief.

To minimize your fear in life, you must figure out who you are. According to Brian Bonar, very few people understand who they are and what they want from life. This further feeds into fear and starts a chain reaction of wrong decisions.

To avoid being stuck in a perpetual cycle of fear, take your time and determine what you’re made of. What are some of the values and aims in your life that truly drive you out of bed every morning? Once you become self-aware, you’ll be able to take ownership of your actions and become more open to new opportunities in life.

Self-Belief Cultivates Motivation

In his powerful publication, Brian Bonar argues that if you believe in your ability to accomplish a task, you’re more likely to begin it. It’s common for people to procrastinate and delay important tasks. Here too, fear is often at play. Armed with the power of self-belief, you’ll be far more motivated to tackle challenges in life.

Wrapping it All Up

Let go of your misconceived fears now and see yourself blooming into a happier and more successful individual.

Don’t know where to begin with? Delve into Brian Bonar’s “United States of Success” for inspiration.

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