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We, humans, spend most of our lives searching for joy and contentment, without realizing that it was never on the outside to begin with. True and authentic happiness comes from within. It isn’t dependent on your circumstances, surroundings, or other people. In his book United States of Success, Brian Bonar explains how nothing and no one can bring you joy accept your own self.

Happiness Lies in The Present

Most people believe that happiness lies on the other side of a ‘supposed’ goal. Whether it is a new job, a partner, financial stability, or a vacation, we humans have trained our minds to believe that joy is a part of the future rather than the present. As a result of this belief, most people never attain true contentment. What we don’t realize is that happiness isn’t dependent on people or situations. Rather it is a decision that one must consciously make every day. It is the mindset to look past temporary petty issues and focus on the bigger picture. Truly successful people are those who wake up every morning with a determination to choose happiness over everything else, regardless of what the day ahead brings.

You Control How You Feel

A happy and positive mind is, indeed, one of the most crucial ingredients in the recipe for success. Emotional control is a habit every human should practice. Our thoughts control how we feel, which ultimately controls our actions; hence the key to doing good is feeling good. The road to success is one ladened with hurdles and obstacles. It is a journey filled with constant challenges, and only those who choose to stand tall in the face of these adversities, can make it to the finish line. The only notable difference between successful and unsuccessful people is the mindset with which they respond to failure. While some get demotivated by a single setback, others use them as opportunities to learn and grow. They view their mistakes as stepping stones in their path to the ultimate destination. And it is this positive perspective that enables them to strive harder and go farther.

It is a Conscious Decision

Happiness isn’t obtained; rather, it is created. It is a combination of our thoughts, words, and actions. Where we are and who we surround ourselves with contributes to our mental and physical well-being. To create happiness, one needs to be aware of their surroundings and be willing to remove any toxic element that may be harming their peace. For example, if the people around you drain your energy and help foster negative thoughts, it is crucial that you take your distance as soon as possible. Choose to hang around those who encourage personal growth and self-confidence.

Brian Bonar’s book United States of Success explains how most humans often take a long time to realize that happiness and success are co-related and that one cannot be obtained without the other. He also mentions several surefire ways to develop and maintain a healthy mindset to guide readers towards a successful and content lifestyle.

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