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You’ve probably heard “try and try until you succeed,” as cliched as it may sound, this saying holds ample truth. While it’s easier said than done, the key to reaching your goals is perseverance in the face of adversity. In his book United States of Success, renowned author Brian Bonar explains how success isn’t achieved overnight. Rather it is a combination of long-term commitment, dedication, and consistency. Indeed, it is a well-established fact that persistence and patience can help one conquer even the toughest of battles.

Rejection is Redirection

Challenges and hardships are a constant part of human life. What differentiates successful from unsuccessful people is how they respond to failure and rejection. Instead of getting discouraged and demotivated, they use defeat to add more fuel to their fire. Let’s take J.K. Rowling as an example. The author of the globally famous Harry Potter series was a mediocre employee at the London office of Amnesty International. She was fired from her job and forced to live destitute in a cramped apartment with her daughter. As a single mother, she admits that this was one of her darkest phases, yet Rowling chooses to stand tall and move forward. She dedicated all her time to writing with determination in her heart and the will to turn her life around for good. Today, Rowling’s Harry Potter has sold over 450 million copies, won thousands of awards, and received massive international recognition. It is surprising to notice that Rowling’s story of success initially started with failure.

Faith Over Fear

The journey of life is one ladened with hurdles and obstacles. When faced with failure, people often lose hope and plunge into a downward spiral of self-criticism and self-loathing. As all humans do, it is completely normal to struggle with feelings of despair. What’s wrong is allowing them to overpower you. Mistakes should be viewed as opportunities to learn and grow. These guiding angels direct you towards the right path by showing what you should avoid in your next attempt. Individuals with a confident and strong character choose to press on despite difficult circumstances. With their eyes set on the prize, they don’t let any external factor knock them off their path. Nothing and no one can waiver their unshakable faith in their own potential. Successful people aren’t those who don’t fall, rather those who decide to pick themselves up, gather their courage, reset, and restart every time. Regardless of the challenges that life throws their way, they choose to stand tall with their chin up and head held high.

The truth is that no matter who you are or where you come from, mistakes and failures are unavoidable. You may find it hard to believe, but they are a crucial ingredient in the recipe for victory. Do not let your mistake define your self-worth or lower your self-esteem. They are simply chances for you to do better and go bigger.

If you still find yourself struggling with fear and demotivation, give Brian Bonar’s book United States of Success a read. It is a surefire way to inspire and lift your spirits.

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